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About Marjorie & Richard

Marjorie and Richard Ramsay have been breeding, producing and training show horses for over thirty years. They have made their name by winning the most prestigious classes repeatedly with their own horses, horses they have trained, as well as horses and ponies that they have bred. The combination of breeding and producing at a top level for so many years confirms that their methods are proven and their eye for a good type is correct.

The Search and Compete Service offered by Team Ramsay is suitable for clients of all standards. The package is tailored to your needs, experience and aspirations. 

  • Show Production
  • Training
  • Breeding
  • Judging
  • Livery
“A happy home for your horse. Livery at the Ramsay yard incorporates experience and great hacking out.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
“We enjoy teaching amateur showing riders that they too can get results with the right rhorse, correct preparation at home and perfected ringcraft.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay