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The season is upon us!!

As I have said before, why blog when there’s nothing to blog about. We have waded (literally) through the winter and were incredibly lucky not to be flooded like so many other poor people and though the land is still very wet we are gearing up for the first shows and touch wood all the horses are well. At the moment it looks as though Cashel Rock, Mr. Mick, Fairfax C and Cochrane will be the first out. From then on it seems to be pretty hectic with Easter a heavy weekend. New kids on the block are a large hack for Julia Watts and a large riding horse that we broke in last year for Judith Balding who will start off with some novice classes. In the meantime First BE Intermediate next weekend at Belton having had a good run in Intermediate novice at Gatcombe last weekend. All fingers crossed too for The Fugue who runs in the Dubai Duty Free tomorrow (Saturday). Big field so hopr there will be no traffic problems. What else is new? Well the safety hat saga rumbles on but it is heartening to see how many shows have now taken it on board, but HOYS have dug their toes in and handed HOYS Hunter qualifiers to BSHA who do not have Hunters anywhere in their Articles of Association and who said how caring they are by making BSHA riders under 18 wear safety hats but truth to tell most of the under 18’s ride more efficiently than some of their elders. Need I say more? Other matters: I did not watch Farage V. Clegg as I had no wish to commit suicide. Vladamir Putin is showing what we […]

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New Site

Well those that have seen our new website seem to be very approving, and once I have mastered it with being able to update it myself (don’t hold your breath this could be the disaster of all time) but Julie at Fizz Equestrian is going to talk me through it!
We were so disappointed that The Fugue got pipped in the Breeders Cup Turf but she ran a great race with us screaming at the TV but hopefully next year?
The weather has turned ominously cold just now but we’re all being warmed up by Sport Horse GB’s decision that we must wear proper strap hats next season. This has provoked a massive wailing and gnashing of teeth, but it must be remembered that many shows now insist on this headgear which competitors comply with. Yes, the well-fitting bowler or beagler looks great and we’re looking at years of tradition but showing in itself has changed so much since we were young and lovely! while bemoaning the new rule, it is commonplace to see dressage type top boots and worse jackets which barely cover the less attractive portions of one’s anatomy. I still wear normal hunting boots with garter straps but with spiralling costs many people make do. No doubt the complaints will rumble on but I have a feeling that more and more shows are going to go down this headgear route because their Insurance companies will make it a condition, and the shows, the major ones, are getting more and more electric. None of us oldies like the change but the times they are a-changing!
Off to dressage tomorrow, had first proper day’s hunting yesterday with the RA but the Bishop is behind with his […]

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Group 1 winner The Fugue

While I know my blogs are a rarity, this has been delayed as Jayne Gingell and her team at Fizz Equestrian have been updating our website, giving it a new look.
This blog’s picture is of Marjorie and I in the stable with none other than Group 1 winner The Fugue, currently in the USA for the Breeders’ Cup. We had a great morning there, firstly getting to Newmarket really early, having a coffee and bun at Gregg’s, then going up to Warren Hill and watching loads of strings bein exercised before going to Horse Requisites and spending too much, then onto John Gosden’s yard where we were made very welcome and saw lots of lovely horses including Fugue.
Our own stable news is that the season is over! Horse of the year show came and went in a flash – uncivilised hours, horses in the ring at 7am and all go go go. It is so sad that there is no more final judging and the timetable is hectic. Both hunters and Ted the cob were placed and all the others behaved so no awful dramas.
It was great to get home on the Sunday and found all well at home and at the yard – a week at HOYS leaves one feeling that you’ve been in outer space for a while!
Great friend Cynthia had babysat Zola for us very successfully and it’s true what they say – there’s no place like home!
So a bit of a breather now but we always think we’ve lots of time but suddenly it’s Christmas and then New Year and we start all over again Cheers till next time – hope you all approve of the new look website!

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A hectic few weeks

This blog’s picture is the latest addition to our family. I meant to put the news on last time but didn’t have a decent photo. Zola is now 8 months old and has so much energy which leaves us pretty exhausted but she has fitted into our lifestyle really well, has been to several shows and loves travelling in the horsebox. Needless to say our training of the horses is a lot better than the training of the dog but we are persevering! The shows have been comin thick and fast just lately and home has become a place we crawl back into after lots of driving and riding. Results have been good with Mr. Mick qualifying for lightweights and ladies, Wycroft Evita in the 12.2s and Apache Chief in the riding horses – we still have a lot more shows coming up, Dunster, Wales and West, Melplash, BSPS, Edenbridge etc, etc. In past years August was a fairly quiet month but no longer! It has been difficult to keep abreast of what else is going on here and abroad but by the look of the little bit we’ve gleaned it’s just as well, but doesn’t the fact that we are having a decent summer make everyone more cheerful? The heat has been tough to work in on occasions but so much better than the wet and cold of last year. Have just been told supper is ready so I think it’s time to close otherwise I shall become less than popular. Cheers till next time whenever I can find that time!

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At last I’m warm

Today is the first day I’ve actually been warm and riding has been a pleasure rather than grit your teeth and get on with it – have also seen the first swallow at the yard, surely a good sign? However, the shows have started and full marks to Jane Owen for organising Spring Horizons Show, which replaced Four Winds. The weather was very unkind with a bitter East wind and didn’t really thaw out until I got into a hot bath that evening, but we qualified Cashel Rock and Bally Dancer for RIHS. A pleasant day at South of England but no tickets and a really good exercise with Evita at NPS at Addington. Despite this the weather has continued to play havoc with the BE events though Larkhill ran on really good ground – typical that when the East wind dropped we went back to deluges of rain until today! Other matters to hit the news is the sad passing of Margaret Thatcher. Incredible that people are so disgusting that they can rejoice over this, many of whom didn’t even know her. For my part I think the problem lay in the fact that she was a woman and it is so deeply entrenched in many people’s minds that women should be a chattel and they find it hard to take orders from the female of the species – also for many of the older brigade it brought back memories maybe of early schooldays when a formidable lady teacher would drum knowledge into her pupils, and of course they were allowed in those days to give a sharp rap over the knuckles to the miscreants in their class but it worked! If only some […]

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The new year

While everyone has probably thought we had gone into hibernation since the last blog, considering the awful winter it would have been a good thing but I don’t feel that blogging for the sake of it has much point. While we have battled the elements for the last couple of months the horses have kept going though I don’t know that they enjoyed it any more than we have, but as in days of yore the season is almost upon us and the BE events have already got under way. Though today has been great weather wise, prior to that it was hard to work up any enthusiasm, especially in view of last year’s weather misery.

The worst thing to happen is that after nearly 16 years we have lost our beloved miniature bull terrier Zinnia. One knows that it will happen some day with any animal but it doesn’t get any easier when they are so totally part of one’ life – as Rudyard Kipling put it in The Power of the Dog(1909)

” There is sorrow enough in the natural way

From men and women to fill our day;

But when we are certain of sorrow in store,

Why do we always arrange for more?

Brothers and Sisters I bid you beware

Of giving your heart for a dog to tear.”

But we still do it and will go on doing it. R.I.P. Zinnia (Admirari Allspice)

We must gather ourselves together and start wading through schedules and entry forms and pray that the sun does put his hat on for 2013.

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