Horse of the Year is upon us!!

They say as you get older time goes even faster and it does seem as though our feet have hardly touched the ground since the last blog. Have had a really busy time with meetings and judging and juggling working the horses in between to gear them up for HOYS. Judged at BSPS champs, surely one of the most efficiently run shows in the country – was looked after superbly and had brilliant stewards which makes judging such a pleasure and being a newbie on the BSPS panel found it very interesting. Sport horse show was blesses with great weather but a shame some of the classes were not well supported but great plans afoot for next year to up the status. Next stop judging the racehorses at Burghley – wonderful main ring and plenty of horses forward in such a magnificent setting, then onto BSHA champs, Addington looking very smart but it comes low on my list of favourite shows – greatly improved going back there a few days later to judge the in-hand classes at the Cherif champs which conversely features very high on my fave show list. Lovely atmosphere and I had some really good animals to sort through. So on to next week – seven (all being well) going to Birmingham which becomes a logistical nightmare – moving house would be simpler! But once done we can rest some of the horses and concentrate on bringing on the new ones and try to all have a break as well. It’s quite extraordinary how little rain we’ve had (car covered in dust) and went up to Scotland last Friday to do a ROR judges seminar and testing and it was as dry […]

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Time to catch up

Seems a long time since the June blog! Anyway we have been so busy and have been on the road a lot both with judging and competing. Had a great time judging at the magnificent Great Yorkshire show and thoroughly enjoyed my first hunter pony judging at RIHS – a long day but at both these big shows was lucky to have great co-judges. The yard has been going well with now five with HOYS tickets and with a little bit of luck might get two more done. The weather has also been kind though hard ground was starting to be a problem until recently when we have had some really heavy rain – saves me watering the garden! It is well into the holidays re schools breaking up so when I drive onto the A339 in the morning now there is no queue of Stepford wives in their Chelsea tractors clogging the road turning into Cheam School. They do seem to all look alike? Having made some really long car journeys lately listening to Classic FM I really do wonder what makes people choose certain types of music. How can Rachmaninov”s piano concerto no.2 even begin to compare with Beethoven or Mozart, yet there it is at no.2 in the hall of fame and as for Lark Ascending the poor bird would be constipated by the time that piece is finished and as for Einaudi! Still, if we all liked the same thing the world would be a duller place, so those living in Dullsville can listen to whatever they like.
Back to reality and horses – it is sad that Search for a Star has had it’s final session of the year […]

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halfway through

So now we are approaching the longest day which I dread as it means slowly but surely the evenings will start drawing in! Shows have been coming in thick and fast but we have a mini-break until Hickstead Derby meeting, though this coming week-end we have our 3rd Search for a Star at a new venue Summerhouses in Gloucester but it doesn’t involve driving horses for hours just a really pleasant day judging. Throughly enjoyed judging the Cuddy qualifier at Bath and West so very interesting weighing up the different breeds and types and it requires enormous concentration! Three Counties show for once had good weather though the ground had become very hard and slippery. Cashel Rock got his HOYS ticket though he had to give best to top winner Dancing Lord ridden by lovely Clare Oliver. Cochrane won a very strong lightweight cob class and went reserve champion so he really does fly the flag for us!
What else is new? World Cup football is on everyone’s lips though there is no way I want to sit up half the night watching. Royal Ascot starts tomorrow and on Wednesday The Fugue clashes withFrench filly Treve in a strong field. We’ll be watching with bated breath!!
Going back to World Cup I can only repeat from my last blog that corruption seems to be a global epidemic, and as for religion!! What happened to a modern tolerant society? The old saying about man’s inhumanity to man has never been more to the point.. Heigh-ho, time for a cup of tea and try to put all morbid thoughts aside and settle down tomorrow to watch a feast of racing – for once TV becomes a boon though […]

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season well under way

Having started very quietly, we are now in full swing with the shows. BSPS area 7 we won 5 classes but though the weather was great the show ran incredibly late and we didn’t get home til midnight! BSHA Southern show was very conveniently at Sparsholt and a successful day there. Windsor for once drew glorious weather and other than a couple of disappointments we finished with a good win in the intermediates. Devon saw our first HOYS ticket With Ted the cob, but how sad for Devon that they had to cancel the last day. As usual the British weather has played a major role and it seems rea;lly hard that having rained all winter it has continued on into the spring. Next stop is Bath & West and one just prays for an improvement in the skies above!! So far, qualified horses are Cashel Rock, Mr. Mick (2 classes) Fairfax C, Moyglass Bally Dancer, Sea Patrol, Cochrane (RIHS & HOYS). Not bad for a small yard. That’s enough stable talk – next an apology for spelling Mr. Putin’s Christian name wrong – it should be Vladimir, not Vladamir. One can’t help the uneasy feeling of being reminded of that historical character Vlad the Impaler. Perhaps Russian parents should go more for good old Sergei or Ivan. Managed to get home from Devon in time to vote in the European election. Was presented with a huge list of parties most of whom I have never heard of and who will presumably sink back into their respective sloughs of despond. now it is over. I think I made a wrong turn somewhere as I’m sure I should have been a MEP as their trains […]

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New Site

Well those that have seen our new website seem to be very approving, and once I have mastered it with being able to update it myself (don’t hold your breath this could be the disaster of all time) but Julie at Fizz Equestrian is going to talk me through it!
We were so disappointed that The Fugue got pipped in the Breeders Cup Turf but she ran a great race with us screaming at the TV but hopefully next year?
The weather has turned ominously cold just now but we’re all being warmed up by Sport Horse GB’s decision that we must wear proper strap hats next season. This has provoked a massive wailing and gnashing of teeth, but it must be remembered that many shows now insist on this headgear which competitors comply with. Yes, the well-fitting bowler or beagler looks great and we’re looking at years of tradition but showing in itself has changed so much since we were young and lovely! while bemoaning the new rule, it is commonplace to see dressage type top boots and worse jackets which barely cover the less attractive portions of one’s anatomy. I still wear normal hunting boots with garter straps but with spiralling costs many people make do. No doubt the complaints will rumble on but I have a feeling that more and more shows are going to go down this headgear route because their Insurance companies will make it a condition, and the shows, the major ones, are getting more and more electric. None of us oldies like the change but the times they are a-changing!
Off to dressage tomorrow, had first proper day’s hunting yesterday with the RA but the Bishop is behind with his […]

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Group 1 winner The Fugue

While I know my blogs are a rarity, this has been delayed as Jayne Gingell and her team at Fizz Equestrian have been updating our website, giving it a new look.
This blog’s picture is of Marjorie and I in the stable with none other than Group 1 winner The Fugue, currently in the USA for the Breeders’ Cup. We had a great morning there, firstly getting to Newmarket really early, having a coffee and bun at Gregg’s, then going up to Warren Hill and watching loads of strings bein exercised before going to Horse Requisites and spending too much, then onto John Gosden’s yard where we were made very welcome and saw lots of lovely horses including Fugue.
Our own stable news is that the season is over! Horse of the year show came and went in a flash – uncivilised hours, horses in the ring at 7am and all go go go. It is so sad that there is no more final judging and the timetable is hectic. Both hunters and Ted the cob were placed and all the others behaved so no awful dramas.
It was great to get home on the Sunday and found all well at home and at the yard – a week at HOYS leaves one feeling that you’ve been in outer space for a while!
Great friend Cynthia had babysat Zola for us very successfully and it’s true what they say – there’s no place like home!
So a bit of a breather now but we always think we’ve lots of time but suddenly it’s Christmas and then New Year and we start all over again Cheers till next time – hope you all approve of the new look website!

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A hectic few weeks

This blog’s picture is the latest addition to our family. I meant to put the news on last time but didn’t have a decent photo. Zola is now 8 months old and has so much energy which leaves us pretty exhausted but she has fitted into our lifestyle really well, has been to several shows and loves travelling in the horsebox. Needless to say our training of the horses is a lot better than the training of the dog but we are persevering! The shows have been comin thick and fast just lately and home has become a place we crawl back into after lots of driving and riding. Results have been good with Mr. Mick qualifying for lightweights and ladies, Wycroft Evita in the 12.2s and Apache Chief in the riding horses – we still have a lot more shows coming up, Dunster, Wales and West, Melplash, BSPS, Edenbridge etc, etc. In past years August was a fairly quiet month but no longer! It has been difficult to keep abreast of what else is going on here and abroad but by the look of the little bit we’ve gleaned it’s just as well, but doesn’t the fact that we are having a decent summer make everyone more cheerful? The heat has been tough to work in on occasions but so much better than the wet and cold of last year. Have just been told supper is ready so I think it’s time to close otherwise I shall become less than popular. Cheers till next time whenever I can find that time!

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