Having started very quietly, we are now in full swing with the shows. BSPS area 7 we won 5 classes but though the weather was great the show ran incredibly late and we didn’t get home til midnight! BSHA Southern show was very conveniently at Sparsholt and a successful day there. Windsor for once drew glorious weather and other than a couple of disappointments we finished with a good win in the intermediates. Devon saw our first HOYS ticket With Ted the cob, but how sad for Devon that they had to cancel the last day. As usual the British weather has played a major role and it seems rea;lly hard that having rained all winter it has continued on into the spring. Next stop is Bath & West and one just prays for an improvement in the skies above!! So far, qualified horses are Cashel Rock, Mr. Mick (2 classes) Fairfax C, Moyglass Bally Dancer, Sea Patrol, Cochrane (RIHS & HOYS). Not bad for a small yard. That’s enough stable talk – next an apology for spelling Mr. Putin’s Christian name wrong – it should be Vladimir, not Vladamir. One can’t help the uneasy feeling of being reminded of that historical character Vlad the Impaler. Perhaps Russian parents should go more for good old Sergei or Ivan. Managed to get home from Devon in time to vote in the European election. Was presented with a huge list of parties most of whom I have never heard of and who will presumably sink back into their respective sloughs of despond. now it is over. I think I made a wrong turn somewhere as I’m sure I should have been a MEP as their trains are so full of gravy! Change of subject! We had a huge scare with Zola the dog who became very ill and wouldn’t eat and thoroughly down, not like her usual boisterous self. In the end after much toing and froing to the vets they decided to operate and found a large peach stone in her intestine! We had a horrendous week but I’m glad to say she is back on fine form now. Where she found it we don’t know, probably grubbing around at a show. Anyhow, the sky is brightening up a bit so I had better go clean my boots! Cheers for now!