So now we are approaching the longest day which I dread as it means slowly but surely the evenings will start drawing in! Shows have been coming in thick and fast but we have a mini-break until Hickstead Derby meeting, though this coming week-end we have our 3rd Search for a Star at a new venue Summerhouses in Gloucester but it doesn’t involve driving horses for hours just a really pleasant day judging. Throughly enjoyed judging the Cuddy qualifier at Bath and West so very interesting weighing up the different breeds and types and it requires enormous concentration! Three Counties show for once had good weather though the ground had become very hard and slippery. Cashel Rock got his HOYS ticket though he had to give best to top winner Dancing Lord ridden by lovely Clare Oliver. Cochrane won a very strong lightweight cob class and went reserve champion so he really does fly the flag for us!
What else is new? World Cup football is on everyone’s lips though there is no way I want to sit up half the night watching. Royal Ascot starts tomorrow and on Wednesday The Fugue clashes withFrench filly Treve in a strong field. We’ll be watching with bated breath!!
Going back to World Cup I can only repeat from my last blog that corruption seems to be a global epidemic, and as for religion!! What happened to a modern tolerant society? The old saying about man’s inhumanity to man has never been more to the point.. Heigh-ho, time for a cup of tea and try to put all morbid thoughts aside and settle down tomorrow to watch a feast of racing – for once TV becomes a boon though a bit less on the fashions and more on the horses would help. Which brings me to a fashion point – why do some women dress so beautifully and then have long straggly hair? And somebody should tell a lot of the men how to put on a top hat properly. With that caustic comment it’s definitely time to finish!!