Seems a long time since the June blog! Anyway we have been so busy and have been on the road a lot both with judging and competing. Had a great time judging at the magnificent Great Yorkshire show and thoroughly enjoyed my first hunter pony judging at RIHS – a long day but at both these big shows was lucky to have great co-judges. The yard has been going well with now five with HOYS tickets and with a little bit of luck might get two more done. The weather has also been kind though hard ground was starting to be a problem until recently when we have had some really heavy rain – saves me watering the garden! It is well into the holidays re schools breaking up so when I drive onto the A339 in the morning now there is no queue of Stepford wives in their Chelsea tractors clogging the road turning into Cheam School. They do seem to all look alike? Having made some really long car journeys lately listening to Classic FM I really do wonder what makes people choose certain types of music. How can Rachmaninov”s piano concerto no.2 even begin to compare with Beethoven or Mozart, yet there it is at no.2 in the hall of fame and as for Lark Ascending the poor bird would be constipated by the time that piece is finished and as for Einaudi! Still, if we all liked the same thing the world would be a duller place, so those living in Dullsville can listen to whatever they like.
Back to reality and horses – it is sad that Search for a Star has had it’s final session of the year – we were all saying how quickly the year has gone by and now there is just the training day left before all the hopefuls make their way to the NEC and Horse of the Year show. It’s great to think that so many who have made it through S4ASTAR have really gone on and got seriously into showing. No prizes for guessing when the next blog will appear – maybe before HOYS??