They say as you get older time goes even faster and it does seem as though our feet have hardly touched the ground since the last blog. Have had a really busy time with meetings and judging and juggling working the horses in between to gear them up for HOYS. Judged at BSPS champs, surely one of the most efficiently run shows in the country – was looked after superbly and had brilliant stewards which makes judging such a pleasure and being a newbie on the BSPS panel found it very interesting. Sport horse show was blesses with great weather but a shame some of the classes were not well supported but great plans afoot for next year to up the status. Next stop judging the racehorses at Burghley – wonderful main ring and plenty of horses forward in such a magnificent setting, then onto BSHA champs, Addington looking very smart but it comes low on my list of favourite shows – greatly improved going back there a few days later to judge the in-hand classes at the Cherif champs which conversely features very high on my fave show list. Lovely atmosphere and I had some really good animals to sort through. So on to next week – seven (all being well) going to Birmingham which becomes a logistical nightmare – moving house would be simpler! But once done we can rest some of the horses and concentrate on bringing on the new ones and try to all have a break as well. It’s quite extraordinary how little rain we’ve had (car covered in dust) and went up to Scotland last Friday to do a ROR judges seminar and testing and it was as dry there – luckily put a coat in as it was a very great deal colder than down here! Lots of candidates and lovely spot at Ian and Jenny Stark’s place. What a good thing they voted NO as I was getting concerned if it had been yes I might have been interned or worse!! Can’t believe Salmond won’t try to rise up again.

As for ISIL or whatever title the jihadists give themselves how come they never show their faces, and I thought we had left the dark ages behind – it all comes back to the old old saying about man’s inhumanity to man and tolerance, religious or otherwise, seems to be a word lost from our dictionaries. Mind you I can get a bit intolerant stuck behind someone drivelling on the road at 25 mph when it’s a 50 mph limit. Last comment ( I promise) is the MP who sent a saucy picture to what he thought was an attractive young lady – in this day and age of social media how thick can you be? That’s all folks!!