We help clients find their blue diamond

The services offered by Team Ramsay are suitable for clients of all standards. The package is tailored to your needs experience and aspirations. Enjoying showing is the main focus of the Ramsay’s, it is important that clients enjoy the journey of competition. For many this is a recreational sport which should be enjoyed and not endured. Supporting the client in their training and development is more of a mentoring role to encourage you to achieve your best at all times.

The objective is to ensure that the quality of riding and ring craft at home is to a high level so that the rider is able to deliver their best performance even when the competitive pressure is on.


  • Show Production
  • Training
  • Breeding
  • Judging
  • Livery
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“A happy home for your horse. Livery at the Ramsay yard incorporates experience and great hacking out.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
“We enjoy teaching amateur showing riders that they too can get results with the right rhorse, correct preparation at home and perfected ringcraft.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
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