The Ramsay Saddle

The look and feel of your horse in a showing class can be made so different for the judge if a well-fitting, close contact saddle is used. Marjorie designed the saddle to have it neatly back from the shoulder, to give the horse the best front possible. It has an open seat to accommodate riders of various shapes and sizes.

The Ramsay saddle has been made by the leading saddlers, Ideal (based in Walsall). They have met Marjorie’s exacting specification and constructed the panels and saddle with great attention to detail.

All the horses ridden and produced by us train and compete with the Ramsay Saddle, because we created a saddle for everyone that we also knew performed well, looked correct and rode beautifully.

  • Show Production
  • Training
  • Breeding
  • Judging
  • Livery
“A happy home for your horse. Livery at the Ramsay yard incorporates experience and great hacking out.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
“We enjoy teaching amateur showing riders that they too can get results with the right rhorse, correct preparation at home and perfected ringcraft.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay