Marjorie and Richard are on many judging panels, and have judged at all the major shows in the UK, as well as throughout Europe and Internationally. Over the years they have been invited to judge in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Jamaica and Israel.

Search for a star is a series of classes designed completely for the amateur rider. Just as in the open classes, the winners qualify for a place in the class at the pinnacle of the showing calendar at HOYS.

Richard Ramsay tours the UK to judge the qualifying rounds. The winners are then prepared for their day at HOYS before being presented to Marjorie Ramsay in their most prestigous class at HOYS. This class has set many amateur show riders on their way to winning the open classes, as they are seriously bitten by the showing bug.

  • Show Production
  • Training
  • Breeding
  • Judging
  • Livery
“A happy home for your horse. Livery at the Ramsay yard incorporates experience and great hacking out.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
“We enjoy teaching amateur showing riders that they too can get results with the right rhorse, correct preparation at home and perfected ringcraft.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay