Owner and Spectator

There are a huge number of owners of Show horses who enjoy watching the Ramsays produce and compete horses on their behalf. Having your horse at the Ramsays’ yard for the season enables the correct education, optimum show selection and results.

Owner with own Show Horse

Many non-professional show competitors feel that they have a potentially good horse who should be achieving higher placings than they are getting with amateur owners. Training with the Ramsays and competing from their yard teaches you how to bring out the best in your horse and your overall showing performance.

Owner with New Show Horse

The Ramsays are often asked to find a potential top horse for really keen showing competitors. The most enjoyable combination of all for the Ramsays is getting to know the rider, working with them to find their potential horse and then training them all the way to the top from their own yard. Many of the clients who have begun their relationship with the Ramsays continue to work with them for years to come.

  • Show Production
  • Training
  • Breeding
  • Judging
  • Livery
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“A happy home for your horse. Livery at the Ramsay yard incorporates experience and great hacking out.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
“We enjoy teaching amateur showing riders that they too can get results with the right rhorse, correct preparation at home and perfected ringcraft.”
Richard Ramsay, Team Ramsay
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